Don Bartosh

After graduating from The University of Texas, I was employed as a foreman with Empire Excavating Company, an underground utilities company in Dallas, Texas. In 1979 I started my own construction business, D B Utilities, and in 1991 we began rock trenching exclusively. I sold that business in 1999 and became a vice-president for H. L. Chapman Pipeline and Construction, the largest trenching contractor in the world at that time. I left in 2004 to develop Bar None Equipment, a company specializing in selling and leasing trenchers. In 2010, I started TekRock Trenching, a construction company that specializes in rock trenching. For the last 22 years, I have managed trenching jobs from coast to coast and bought, sold, and rented machines around the world.

We are an innovative and specialized company that can provide the services you need. And we have the experience and problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills to get the job done.

Jeff Kuempel

I grew up around construction, working on the farm and helping my dad with construction projects before I was old enough to earn a paycheck. After serving in the army, I went to work in the aviation and avionics maintenance industry in Houston, Texas. I also worked as a haul truck driver and mechanic for Vermeer Equipment of Texas, and after six months I was promoted to sales. After selling trenchers and related equipment for eleven years, in 2001 I went to work for H. L. Chapman Pipeline and Construction. I became Division Manager of the Las Vegas area, and later the San Antonio area. In 2007 I went to work for Bar None Equipment selling and renting equipment worldwide. In 2010, I was instrumental in the development of TekRock Trenching.

I enjoy being involved in our many projects and problem solving the specific challenges that come along with each and every job. I believe many can do the easy jobs, but the hard jobs are where a company like ours gains strength and a reputation to build on. We pride ourselves on our expertise and our total customer support.

Warren Brant Robertson

My career in the trenching industry spans some forty-seven years beginning in 1966 on the manufacturing side with JETCO, which later became TRENCOR, today’s leader in the manufacturing of heavy-duty rock trenchers. I spent the next twenty years in engineering, designing, and improving trenchers in all types of applications, but primarily in rock. I transferred from engineering to sales and managed a territory in Texas where rock trenching was really born. I learned there what worked and what didn’t and what we needed to do to improve the machines. I also learned that problem-solving is an integral part of getting a job done. In 1988 I was promoted to Vice President of Sales for Trencor and had the opportunity to travel the world and witness the use of trenchers in all types of digging conditions. In 2005 I joined the contractor/user side of the trenching industry.

In my role of business development, I work with contractors to determine the suitability and applications of a trencher for their projects in oil and gas pipelines, water, sewer, dry utilities, and many other projects.